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05 October 2010 @ 08:38 pm
138 icons Gwen and Gwaine (,a few of Morgana as well)  
♥~ Right so Gwaaaaaine and Gwen ~♥

 Spoilers for Morgana below (12 & 13) - like SUPER WTF SPOILERS, so if you're unspoiled do not enter.

Numbers 46 and 77 are Gifs.

And Um I guess this entire post is because I joined gawaingwen and sirgwaine so I had to make icons. Because he's awesome and pretty and he makes Gwen happy and OMG SHE HAS A NEW FRIEND . . . she hasn't had one of those since Merlin S1E1.

And I shamelessly stole lyrics from 'Wicked Game' because I was listening to Scary Mansion's version (it's below if you want it) at the time. And if anyone wanted to make a Vid about G&G to that song I would die.

Gwen,Gwaine,S3,E4 Gwen,Gwaine,S3,E4 Gwen,Gwaine,S3,E4 


[Could you add an 'fanwork: icons' tag? Oh and um 'pairing' is spelled wrong]
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Current Music: Wicked Game, Scary Mansion
Jo: merlin/gwennouveaulove on October 11th, 2010 04:54 pm (UTC)
got your icon tag :)
lol, whoops, thanks for telling me. i tried to double check everything but i missed that.
btw, these are amazing! :D